【SALE】デクスター ウェッジサンダル 25cm モデルサイズの靴

型番 winifred
定価 10,800円(税込)
販売価格 6,980円(税込)


25cm (USA8.5) ヒール6.4cm 靴底幅8.1cm

27-27.5cm (USA11) ヒール6.5cm 靴底幅8.6cm

Finding style and comfort in a wedge is a beautiful thing. The Winifred delivers with a metallic upper, gemstone accents, adjustable sling, padded insole, 2 1/2" wedge, and sturdy outsole. The soft footbed boasts a two layer insole. Memory foam, like pillows provided in five-star hotels, absorbs shock, shapes and holds perfectly to cradle the foot for lasting comfort. Latex foam has a premier bouncing nature which provides cushion and a feeling of protection with every step. Manmade materials.

25cm (USA8.5) heel:6.4cm sole:8.1cm

27-27.5cm (USA11) heel6.5cm sole:8.6cm

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